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Buyers Tip – What Your Inspector Is Looking For

Water Damage

  • Is There A Grade Going Away From The Home?
  • Any Landscaping Issues?
  • Proper Gutter Installation?
  • Any Basement Moisture To Be Concerned About?
  • All Toilet Sub-floors Solid?


  • Is There Proper Flashing Everywhere Needed?
  • How Are The Shingle Keyways, Warped?
  • Installation Methods, How Many Layers Of Shingles?
  • Any Storm Damage?


  • Is This A Well Maintained Unit?
  • Hows The Flame Pattern?
  • Any Draft?
  • Is There Any Corrosion Present?


  • Any Exposed Wiring?
  • Any Improper Wiring?
  • Ungrounded Outlets?


  • Any Leaks Past or Present?
  • Unvented Waste Lines?
  • Missing Clean-out Plugs?
  • Are There Back-flow Preventers?

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