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Buyer Beware or Be Aware Use the Minneapolis Property Info Page

Posted by Heather Foss on March 17, 2017
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After selling real estate in Minneapolis for 10 years, the Minneapolis Property Info Page has earned a spot as a mainstay on my bookmark bar.

Minneapolis Property Info

Buyers, sellers and agents look to this page for information on the current condition, history of condition, history of occupants and tax value. I just want to touch on a few of my favorite things to look for here.

The Truth in the Sale of Housing report, a.k.a. the TISH.  As a buyer’s agent, we look at this inspection to get a grasp on the overall condition of the home. The seller of any single family home, duplex, townhome or first-time condo conversion project are required to have this inspection done within 3 days of listing the property for sale.   A copy of the report and any required repairs can always be found here, if the inspection was completed.

Permits.  Since about 1995, the city has been logging their mechical, building and plumbing permits on this site. Find out the age of a roof or furnace, who did the work, and did it pass inspection right here! Or the opposite, find out a permit for the work wasn’t pulled.  Eeeekkkk! Note: electrical permits are done through the State and won’t be found here.

Rental Licenses.  Find out how long, if any, this property has been a rental property.  Neighbor’s needing to find out who manages a property, find it here!  Another important piece of information displayed here is the TIER class for the property.  When buying a rental property and learning what TIER the City of Minneapolis classified the property at, will give you a better idea of how the property has been maintained and how often you’ll have a city inspector stopping bye.

Special Assessments. This is where any special assessments from the City will be displayed.  This becomes important again when buying a property and understanding past issues before closing.  When buying a property from a bank, beware, these may be fees you’ll be paying at closing.

Buyer be aware!  Check this page out before going to see the house.  This will save you time and make your showing more effective to highlight items you should be looking for.

Until next time!