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Posted by Heather Foss on May 10, 2017
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Another Lesson Learned From An Unpredictable Business


When I met Lisa (names were changed to protect the innocent), she was relocating from Chicago because her husband had accepted a great job in Plymouth.

We clicked right away, Lisa and I had great conversations as we spent hours in the car together seeing homes, as I introduced her to the Twin Cities.

Lisa and her husband, Jim, found this great home in Minnetonka. It was unique and completely different from their flat in the city  After the closing, Lisa and I stayed in touch and had lunch every now and again to catch up.  I wanted to reach out to her recently because she was doing a lot of talking about a subject that I had been really wanted to try. Thank God for Facebook, right?

Lisa and Jim have been renting out rooms in their new home on Airbnb.  While this is by no means an original idea.  I mean, most of my friends look for accommodations on Airbnb first, before staying at a hotel. But it was a little surprising considering the location, layout and the amount of business she has been doing.

So to dive a little deeper, I took her out to lunch.  We ate at this local joint called Bryant Lake Bowl, where you’re going to get one of the freshest, hippest meals on Lake St. She told me some great stories about the some of the people she has met through Airbnb and what she has learned from them.  She had a couple stories that helped her identify better house rules and expectations for their guests.  There was a funny one about a man who almost got kicked out for yelling at their cats.  And then there was a guy who weirded them out by using their cuticle trimmer and then lying about it. But all in all, Lisa loves the business and the friendships she has developed using the Airbnb platform.

As we were putting our coats on, Lisa said something that stuck with me.  She said, one thing that this business has allowed me to do is let go a little.  She added, when you welcome a stranger into your home, your personal space, things can be uncomfortable at first.  But I have learned to let the little things go and not be totally in control all the time.  This has allowed me to enjoy me a little more too.

I love this. I have been working a little harder to not sweat the small stuff.  Lord knows we all see bumps in everyday life. But man…. It’s a lot easier to go with them than to never expect them.

‘Til next time,